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Laptop Screen LCD Replacement

Replacement LCD Price guide

Our service fee is $99 (labour + GST) plus the wholesale cost of thereplacement screen, and GST. RRP is $250, in most cases can replace your laptop display for a lower price.

If you lust want a replacement screen we sell them at wholesale plus 20% and GST. Your warranty may be affected if you install the screen yourself. If you accidentally damage the screen it is not covered by the warranty which does however cover defects present that haven't been caused by accidental damage (dead/bright pixels for example). import the best quality screens from all over the world including, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. We offer a 0 dead or bright pixel warranty on all of the screens we supply for 12 months from the date of installation. However in the unlikely event that you experience a problem, some manufacturers offer 3 years warranty on their products so keep your receipts.

Email or call for an estimate for your specific laptop brand and model.

What happens next? A description of the procedure.

Part Number

Because manufacturers sometimes use different LCD in their products the only way to obtain the right kind for your laptop is to take it apart and check the part number on the back of the panel. It's not possible to raise final quote or order replacement parts until the old panel has been removed and a price obtained on the correct replacement panel.

Have a look at the picture below to identify the part number we use to order your replacement panel. part number is circled in red.


It is not always possible to obtain this part number before removing the screen. Best practice is to remove the screen to check this number and then order the correct replacement or provide an accurate customer quote.

Pick Up and Delivery

To get your laptop to the workshop we can arrange a courier pick up (and return) at a cost to be added to your invoice. Once your invoice is paid we will arrange return shipment of your repaired machine. Payments can be made by direct deposit or paypal or cheque - however goods will be only returned when cheque funds have cleared. Alternatively you can drop in your laptop to us and arrange to collect it to save up to $60. If you live on Sydney's Lower north Shore or Northern Beaches area, we can pick up and deliver free.